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The King of Coffee Alternatives

Have you been searching for caffeine-free coffee alternatives that taste like coffee and brew like coffee? A coffee alternative for energy you need and health benefits you want? Your hunt is finally over! So if you've been on the prowl for something new and wildly delicious to invigorate your day, instead of the ordinary cup of coffee, then Lions Brew is just for you! 

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Coffee alternative Lions Brew Mocha Pot and fresh grounds

Our Blends

Our Mission

We strive to help improve peoples' quality of life. We're going back to our roots in order to provide an equally beneficial and satisfying alternative to coffee with none of the negative effects but with all of the benefits.

For Your Health & Wellness

We are confident Lions Brew is the best superfood coffee alternative available. Why? Rooted in tradition and formulated with pride, our ingredients are naturally free of caffeine and gluten and are non-acidic. They will provide you with a natural source of energysoluble fiber for your digestive health, adaptogens to restore your body's balance, and powerful antioxidants for your entire body in every cup!






Explore Our Ingredients

Lion's Mane



Maya Nut

Here's what Lions Brew brings to the table!
We've made sure to check off all your boxes!

Caffeine-free coffee alternative

Coffee alternative for energy

Gluten-free coffee substitute

Coffee substitute in baking

Mushroom coffee caffeine-free

Prebiotic coffee substitute

Coffee alternative that tastes like coffee

Coffee alternative for GERD, IBS, anxiety

Caffeine-free coffee alternative Lions Brew Phin and Bag

What people are saying....

Gina says...

I just wanted to tell you how much I love your coffee alternative! I sometimes take a break from coffee and Lions Brew has that great aroma and taste... really smooth! I’m impressed how the combination of wonderful ingredients work to create an amazing likeness to a great cup of coffee! You definitely have created something special!

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