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Coffee alternative Lions Brew Hazelnut and Tropical Coconut truffles

Enjoy chewing instead of brewing! Now you can experience all the amazing flavor and nutritional benefits of our Lions Brew in your favorite bites. Our wildly delicious recipes will certainly tame the savage beast in you!

Many cultures enjoy the tradition of sipping on a coffee liqueur drink after a good meal as a way to wind the night down. Well, anything coffee can do, Lions Brew can do even better! Check out these tasty libations guaranteed to help put your mind and mood in good spirits!

Coffee alternative Lions Brew Cafe Caribbean Coconut Cocktail
Coffee alternative Lions Brew Salted Vanilla Caramel White Hot Chocolate

Like getting a hug in a mug! It's the ultimate marriage between hot chocolate and our brew making this the perfect option to be enjoyed by all! Indulge yourself with these delectable drinks on a cold winter's night or anytime you get that chocolate craving!

Enjoy all your favorite Lions Brew flavors on ice! A cool and refreshing way to beat the heat, or anytime you need a healthy boost of hydration. Reach for a tall, cold glass of one of our iced brews, and watch as all your cares melt away!

Coffee alternative Lions Brew Glass of Iced Orange Tisane
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