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Who We Are...

We are a small, family-owned business located in the picturesque Hudson Valley of upstate New York near the historic Hudson River. We take pride in sharing our generations old tradition with you. We make every batch of our all natural and organic coffee alternative to order, as to provide you with the freshest possible product. From our family to yours!

The Past...

Our story begins back during World War II. My mother had to live with her grandparents, who were immigrants from Greece, while my grandfather was serving in the U.S. Navy in the Pacific. During this time, there were shortages of many products and some had to be rationed out, including coffee. My great-grandmother would take my mother outside to harvest the dandelions that were growing in her garden. She taught my mother how to utilize the dandelion, as they had done for generations back in Greece, as every part of the dandelion plant is edible and highly nutritious. She showed my mother how to use the fresh leaves to make salad, the dried leaves to make tea, and its flowers to make wine. Most importantly, she learned how to roast and grind the roots to make a coffee-like beverage.

Picture of the Filosas

The Present...

Like 64% of American adults, our family has also enjoyed drinking coffee as part of our daily routines. Sadly, as we have continually consumed it, it has brought about some pretty undesirable side effects for each one of us. Whether it be GERD, IBS, insomnia, or anxiety, we knew that we had to give up our favorite beverage if we no longer wanted to suffer the negative effects that came along with it. As we later came to discover, much to our surprise, coffee does not only negatively effect our bodies, but the environment, as well! 

We started our search for a caffeine-free coffee alternative in order to make our transition from coffee. Eagerly, we tried one after another of the substitutes available all over the internet but, regrettably, we were continually left disappointed.

At last, we were left with no other option but to try and create our own. But where do we start? Going back to our roots, literally! Thankfully, my mother still remembered the special times she spent with her grandmother in the garden and everything she was taught about dandelions. My mother and I worked diligently, side-by-side, for over a year, selecting every ingredient for its nutritional benefits and flavor profile. After combining these ingredients with the dandelion root in just the right proportions, we were able to produce a consistent coffee alternative that could be prepared using any brewing method and that would satisfy any coffee drinker's discerning palate for a full-bodied, robust coffee-like taste.

The Future...

We are so proud to share with you our... Lions Brew - the King of Coffee Alternatives! The best superfood coffee alternative, rooted in tradition, and formulated with pride! We thoughtfully selected only natural and organic ingredients that are naturally free of gluten, caffeine, and are non-acidic. Ingredients that have been used throughout the ages for their nutritional, medicinal, and adaptogenic qualities. Brew it any way you would regular coffee. Our brew captures the deep and rich aroma, flavor, and body of coffee that you're expecting while providing an immediate nutritional source of energy for your body and mind from MCT oil - not caffeine. Our superfood ingredients will provide you with even more benefits in every brewed cup. Enjoy!

Coffee alternative Lions Brew French press and glass mug with dandelion puffs in vase
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