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Lions Brew...Good for you. Good for the planet.

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Our Blends

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How? By providing something new and wildly delicious to invigorate your day, instead of the ordinary cup of coffee that can have negative effects on your body, as well as the environment. Our brew will provide you with a natural source of energy without the need of caffeine, and a wealth of other health benefits for your mind and body in every cup!


Why? Because we not only care about your health, but about the health of our planet. Our sustainable, organic, plant-based ingredients taste like coffee, brew like coffee, provide health benefits, and are eco-friendly. As the demand for coffee continues to dramatically increase, so does its impact on the environment. Coffee production has now become one of the leading causes of rainforest destruction. It is estimated that for every cup of coffee consumed, one square inch of rainforest is destroyed, biodiversity reduced, and contributes to climate change.

In the United States only, roughly 517 million cups of

coffee are consumed every day!

Lions Brew can help make a positive change to

your life and the environment cup at a time!

The Benefits of Lions Brew for Your Health and Wellness

Focus & Memory

*Instant Natural
Source of Energy


*Potent Antioxidants

*Digestive Support

Stress & Anxiety

Immune System






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Lion's Mane


Maya Nut